Monday, August 10, 2009

08/10/ yuck lol

Today is the day I really decided to do my school work. To GET IT DONE AND OVER WITH!!!!

I have decided to do it many days before.....but today is the day IT WILL BE DONE!!!

Math will be hard to finish. But I need to learn it cuz it is in EVERYTHING we do. EVERYTHING!!! Add, subtract, divide, and multiply I know how to do. But all the percentages and such like it.....I get stuck on trying to figure it out.

I love and hate math. Somethings I can do in my head easily, but otherthings I will sit there for an hour trying to figure it out.

I CAN DO IT!!!! I know I can. It will just take some time to get it done RIGHT!!

School........YUCKY!!! Money.......YAH!!! lol School = diploma....Diploma = job.....Job= money

School.....YEA!!!! HAHA This is going to be fun lol.

I made me a schedule today for getting up and school and other things. I am going to make it fun by having Art and Music "classes".

Art is where I will stop and draw or read for about 30 Min's - 1 hour.

Music is where I will practice my guitar or listen to music for about 1 hour.

I need to make a PE class lol......maybe it will get me losing some weight lol.

I am also going to make it to where if I don't do my work I wont have my "classes".
Fun!!! lol

I cant wait till tomorrow cus that is when I will start it lol!!

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